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Videos from Mud Girl Run 2023

The photos are great, but to see little Alia, the one who was NOT going to go in the mud, not only walk through but get wholly dunked is priceless. She was so scared but ended up having a great time. She's already looking forward to another race later this year with her brother. Let's see if he can keep up. 😜

It's not really mud . . . at least not the black inky kind. 😆

Guess those years in gymnastics paid off.

And let's not forget the balance beam.

She went under like a bullet. I thought she was going to be mad and scared. She came up startled but then added a big smile. Sometimes you have to try it.

And now we have to cross the finish line and claim our medal. It's all about the jewelry.

This was such a fun day. And yes, I showered and then collapsed on the couch when I got home with a big smile plastered on my face.

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