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I write my contemporary romance novels under Melody Saleh and my thrillers under M.E. Saleh. If the cover doesn't give it away, you can always tell the genre by which one it's authered by.

Facade, Things aren't always as they appear . . .


Book 1 of an unforgettable journey. Four women, best friends--sisters, living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida as they tackle a myriad of personal problems and romantic entanglements. If you like a little angst with your happily-ever-after, this thought-provoking series is a MUST read. You won't stop! 

Editorial Review: “Readers who settle in with a bucket of popcorn will enjoy watching these four women careen from one mishap to the next, always helping one another bounce back and pursue their chances for happiness. This drama is ideal for readers looking for a tight-knit band of friends who stick together through outlandish romances and personal mayhem.”booklife

Deja Vu, Here we go again . . .


One life was held in the balance in the cliffhanger ending in book 1. Who did the ambulance take away from the park? Just when you get your answers, you'll have more questions.

Editorial Review: “This installment resumes where the action stopped in the first book’s cliff-hanger ending, immediately thrusting readers into the fast-paced plot. The powerful bond among the friends, and their resilience, help create the romantic drama that underscores the importance of maintaining supportive friendships and the healing power of love.”


“Saleh writes passionately about Dom and Tad’s difficulties, poignantly depicting the impact of terminal illness on relationships. Although the book includes murder, sexual assault, bullying, and elements of mystery, at its heart, it’s a love story. Elegantly written sex scenes provide breaks in the story’s rapid pace while highlighting the romantic bonds between partners. This emotionally affecting page-turner is a must for any hopeless romantic who prefers a touch of angst with their happily ever after.”booklife

Cést La Vie, Such is life . . . 


Fasten your seatbelt for the shocking—and smolderingly sexy—conclusion of the Unbroken Series. 


Editorial Review: “Although the cast is large and storylines interconnected, Fiore’s drama takes center stage in this volume. From the first pages, readers are thrust into her murder trial and calamitous relationship with her evil twin sister, Brandy. Readers not familiar with previous installments may have difficulty following events in opening scenes. However, as the story unfolds, readers will quickly become enthralled by the fast-paced plot. Short snippets and texts from the antagonist’s point of view (“I’ll never forget what you did to me—what you did to us. You’re going to pay—I promise you will suffer. Feel safe for now.”) add elements of mystery and suspense that will keep readers guessing about the identity of Fiore’s stalker. Full of tension, mystery, and angst, this melodramatic romance is well suited to readers interested in love and redemption.” 


“The third volume in the Unbroken series will draw readers in with its mix of tension, angst, redemption, and love.”booklife

The Job_Melody Saleh FINAL Ebook cover.jpg
THE JOB - Keep your enemies close and your target closer . . . 



Sam has the skills of a ninja, the patience of a sniper, and the ruthlessness of a mercenary. Trained to give an Oscar-worthy performance at a moment's notice, Sam must infiltrate the mark’s life to take away everything they love, ruin their reputation, and then leave them alive to suffer.


Quitting the organization wasn’t planned . . . a line was crossed; a killer with ethics. Now Sam’s father figure wants revenge—only this time, it’s personal. One final job . . . 


The details get blurry when Andrew Donovan, the mark, is found to have a secret of his own. One even his wife, Dr. Leigh Harris, who is fast-tracking a revolutionary cancer treatment to help save millions of lives, doesn’t know about. Leigh becomes Sam’s target—remove everything Andrew Donovan loves. 


How close can Sam get without raising suspicion? "You'll never see me coming."−Sam

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