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I call myself an escape artist because when you read my novels, that's exactly what you'll do. And we all can use more of that! My debut work is the Unbroken Series trilogy. A Women’s Contemporary Romance often compared to Sex and the City meets Fifty Shades (without the red room).


I'm a Florida native...why would I want to leave paradise? I'm blessed to write full time, but of course, that means I work all hours. In my free time, you either find me on the golf course, curled up reading a book, or splashing in the pool with her two grandchildren. As a local animal advocate, I currently sit on the Humane Society of Broward County's executive board and the board of directors for PAWS, an auxiliary arm for the shelter. As if I didn't already have a full plate, I'm currently going into the second year of my two-year term as the Women’s Golf Association President at my country club. I've always been extremely active in my community, bringing awareness and raising funds for sick and homeless animals, the American Cancer Society, and other local charities.


South Florida is where my husband and I call home. My friends tease me, saying I taught them how to celebrate birthdays. As a two-time breast cancer survivor, I'm grateful every day I wake with my feet on this side of the ground. Every year I turn older is a gift. I'm proud of aging—it’s better than the alternative.

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