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Find out what's happening now and in the near future. I've always got something up my sleeve...

Summer/Fall 2021

If It Comes Back


You asked for it! I love how the characters of the Unbroken Series have gotten under your skin. You've let me know what stories you HAVE to find out about past the end in Cést La Vie. What happens to the budding love story of Ashanti and her bully to boyfriend Mitch as they move to opposite ends of the country to begin their college educations. Coming Soon.


Oct 2021

Memoirs of the "C" Word
I began writing my memoir shortly after my first breast cancer diagnosis. It soon became the prequel when I heard the words, "You've got breast cancer," again ten years later Luckily, it was a new primary—not a metastasis or recurrence. Yes, I said 'lucky' and 'cancer' in the same sentence. I plan to update my journey and release it during breast cancer awareness month. Not only to help other survivors find hope but to give caregivers an inside look at what's going through our minds and how they can feel less helpless.

Dec 2021 
Jan 2022

The Heir

You asked for it ... the sequel to The Job. Why does Jason make that last chapter appearance? You do know whose life he (and Mickey) inherited, right? I wanna know what happens next—don't you?

Spring 2022

Drowning . . . Just Breathe

A young woman awakes with a start after having a nightmare of a person drowning. She's pushed the past so far away, sometimes she forgets her twin sister that was drowned when she was just eight years old. She has completely dismissed she too was drowned, however, she was successfully revived. Maybe it's the past coming back to haunt her.

After three nights in a row of these awful dreams, a news flash about a serial killer in the area catches her attention. As the details begin to unfold, she realizes somehow she dreamt of these killings as they were happening. Does she help the police catch a killer, and possibly, the person responsible for her sister's death? Or, does the past wish to stay locked away?

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