Keep your enemies close . . . and your target closer.


Sam has the skills of a ninja, the patience of a sniper, and the ruthlessness of a mercenary. Trained to give an Oscar-worthy performance at a moment's notice, Sam must infiltrate the mark’s life to take away everything they love, ruin their reputation, and then leave them alive to suffer.


Quitting the organization wasn’t planned . . . a line was crossed; a killer with ethics. Now Sam’s father figure wants revenge—only this time, it’s personal. One final job . . . 


The details get blurry when Andrew Donovan, the mark, is found to have a secret of his own. One, even his wife, Dr. Leigh Harris, who is fast-tracking a revolutionary cancer treatment to help save millions of lives, doesn’t know about. Leigh becomes Sam’s target—remove everything Andrew Donovan loves. 


How close can Sam get without raising suspicion? Find out in the suspenseful thriller, The Job, released March 30, 2021.



“The Job will keep you on your feet wanting to read what happens next.”

Robert Basilius Hayek


“OMG, this book is amazing! Kept me on my toes the whole time. And the ending....WOW!!! Didn't see that coming!”

T. Smith

“What an engrossing read! I was on the edge of my seat, still trying to guess who was after Dr. Harris, until the very end.” D. Dove

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